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Below is a list of references that will help you can find a rock club in your area.  These clubs and associations are the most valuable resources created and enjoyed by the rock community.  Many clubs conduct organized collecting trips, offer classes, make club equipment and information available to their members, and organize shows and educational exhibits.  If you have a newfound or rekindled interest in rocks or the myriad of hobby interests and activities revolving around them, you owe it to yourself to check out and become involved in any local clubs that may be available to you.

  • American Geological Institute
    A federation of 50 geoscience societies that provides information and education services to its members promoting a united voice for the geoscience community.
  • Friends of Mineralogy
    This is the foremost organization for anyone who has a serious interest in minerals and all things related.  There are eight FM regional chapters across the United States.
  • United States Club List
    A list of over 900 gem, mineral, lapidary, fossil and just-about-anything-to-do-with-rocks clubs, guilds, associations and societies compiled and maintained courtesy of Bob’s Rock Shop.

Below is a list of websites that are good educational resources.

  • MinDat
    The largest mineral database and mineralogical reference website on the internet; contains worldwide data on minerals, mineral localities, mineral photographs and other mineralogical information.
  • Mineralogy Database
    Another very good source of information about minerals and their properties, in great detail.
  • The Virtual Fossil Museum
    An educational resource providing excellent information on geologic time, geologic history, paleobiology, evolution fossils and many other topics.
  • Ammonoid.com
    The Fossil Cephalopods in Utah website is a great reference on fossil ammonites and their relatives for not only Utah, but also the Colorado Plateau, Rocky Mountain, and the Basin and Range areas across the West.
  • A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites
    This site gives general and detailed reference information about trilobite types, their various physical features and their paleobiology.

  • FossilSites.com
    This site gives you a golden opportunity to get dirty!  This list is not perfect, but gives a good idea of what fossils may be found where you live or travel to in the United States and Canada.  Some of the location information is fairly specific and all of it is useful.

Below is a list of websites that maintain information on upcoming mineral, gem, fossil, jewelry, and other rock related shows and events.  Rock shows are a great way to learn more about rocks and really get to see mother natures work.

  • MinDat Events List
    Register as a member with this website and you can list your show here for free.
  • Rock & Gem Show Dates
    This calendar is a continually updated list of most club and commercial rock related shows and events across the United States; the calendar gives an approximately one year window ahead.